Welcome to Baicheng Normal University

Welcome to the homepage of Baicheng Normal University, thank you very much for your attention, concern and support.

BCNU is located in Baicheng City, which is known as “Hometown of Cranes”, it is the only one normal university under direct administration of Ministry of Jilin Province Education in the west of Jilin Province. It mainly focuses on cultivating basic education teachers and application-oriented talents, with a harmonious development of pedagogical education and non- pedagogical education, and it is honored as “University of Desert, Pearl of the West”.

After fifty years’ experiences, from the time it was established up to now, generations of people devoted themselves selflessly and made BCNU succeed in the road of striving. In fifty-five years’ development history, especially in the second decade of 21st century, it tried its best to make remarkable achievements as follows: the aim of ten-thousand-people- university came true, the school size gained a historic progress; the task of “moving from the East Campus and settled in the West Campus” was completed, the educating environment was fundamentally improved and optimized; winning the “National May Day Diploma”, “civilized unit” and “Model of Managing the University by Law”, the social record was further enhanced; developing Sino-foreign collaboration education, the international influence was continuously extended; the emergence of outstanding graduates like Yang Fu-sheng broadcasted in China CCTV’s report “Special Attention to Rural Teachers”, quality of talent cultivation was widely accepted in the society, school running level and education level took a historical leap. Our university has logical administration and harmonious people, who are eager to make progress, everything in the university tends to good developing conditions.

We have a beautiful campus, with Gardener Square, Student Garden, Wisdom Gathering Garden, and Meditation Garden from corner to corner, forming beautiful sceneries in Baicheng City for ingenuity; our infrastructure is complete for having Teaching Center, Sports Center, Lifestyle Center, Experiment Center, and Activity Center, which are ranked in the first-class, and have become the best sites for learning, living, relaxation and entertainment. Our teachers cherish their posts and devote themselves wholeheartedly to work. Those who are the winners of special government allowance, the teaching masters of provincial level, the young and middle-aged experts making outstanding contributions, and the advanced individuals of teacher ethnics are working hard in the teaching line, and they are the endless power to facilitate the university’ development; our students are vigorous, those who are merit students, excellent league members, Self-improvement Stars and the most popular rural teachers are learning and growing up here, they are destined to be the vital force for the realization of their Youth Dream and China Dream.

Looking into the future, we are full of confidence, and our university will continue to carry out our school motto “Sound in Morality, Clear in Discrimination, Broad in Learning, Sincere in Performance”, take the task of constructing higher education to make Jilin a strong Province as its own duty, and strive for building the university a comprehensive university with “first-class environment, first-rate facilities, top-level management, superb service” and “cooperations abroad and influences home, first-class inside Jilin Province and running the university with characteristics”!